Au Pair in China

Do you want to be au pair in China? Do you want to join a Chinese family, experiencing the family life, staying with the Chinese children and studying Chinese cultures in the daily life? Being an au pair in China, you can have the chance to travel to many different places of interests, you can experience the traditional Chinese festivals, and you can join the Chinese family activities. We are an au pair company and have more experience in placing au pairs in the suitable host families.

Au Pair Applying Requirement

  1. Age from 18 to 30, the age can be properly relaxed if application’s English is excellent;
  2. Graduate from high middle school at least, college education level is preferred;
  3. Fluent in English;
  4. Like children and enjoy getting along with children;
  5. Responsibility and patience are necessaries;
  6. Have experience in teaching, nursing or taking care of children is preferred;
  7. Healthy;
  8. Interested in Chinese and culture.

Au Pair Duties

  1. Taking care of host children and accompany them as their big sisters or brothers, such as waking children up, telling stories, playing games, making beds, lullaby, giving bath, preparing food, send children to school, picking up and so on;
  2. Teaching children English and tutor them in study, such as practice oral English, tutor children English exam, homework and so on;
  3. Doing some light housework;
  4. The schedule is 25 hours per week;
  5. Helping host family knowing west culture.

Au Pair Benefits

  1. Free lodging and boarding in host family;
  2. Having RMB 750 per month as pocket money;
  3. Having Chinese classes to learn Mandarin and Chinese culture;
  4. Having paid holiday to discover and experience more in China;
  5. Experiencing Chinese culture with host family;
  6. Participating various au pair activities and know more friends;
  7. Improve Chinese level.

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